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Central Coast - Salinas

Inland from Big Sur is the Salinas Valley - Steinbeck Country. We have made several salinas references to The Nobel prize-winning author who made the school curriculum bearable for many British children, bored stiff with Dickens, here was an author from the modern era who could transport you in an instant from a gloomy wet winter afternoon in the classroom to the arid, sun-baked, landscape of "the Long Valley" based on the Salinas birthplace of John Steinbeck.

In 1998, the National Steinbeck Center opened in Salinas, the Nobel Laureate's birthplace.

It's a grand place for the uninitiated to become acquainted with the historical and cultural relevance of his work. For fans of the great novelist, it's a fine place to revel in his work. He once lamented his hometown wouldn't take him back unless he was in a pine box. Imagine how surprised he would be today to see how Salinas has so exultantly embraced him.

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